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Bugs & Viruses

are one real annoying matafkers

and we know how to deal with those matafkers

"The Pest Control Nightmare of the Digital World...."

How problems usually start

Weak password

Administrator users with weak password combination

Malicious plugins

Random installation of nulled version plugins or loophole within the code

Server security

Improper server security configuration and management

Symptoms you don't wish to see


Unknown redirections whenever visiting the website


Bulk unknown administrative users registration in database

Unacceptable slowness

Unable or unacceptable site loading speed, front and backend

How we can help

Thorough site inspection

We'll do a deep scan to look for malicious files or codes

Malware removal

Malware and unknown files removal and cleasing

Bulk plugins update (If necessary)

Bulk wordpress theme or plugins version update if necessary

Terms & Conditions

Service Overview: Our Malware Removal Service is designed to clean and restore WordPress websites infected with malware. We will perform a thorough scan, removal, security enhancement, testing, and restoration process to ensure your website is free from malicious code.

Service Process:

  • Our experts will initiate the malware removal process after diagnosing the presence of malware on your website.
  • We will remove all detected malware and perform security enhancements to prevent future attacks.

Client Responsibilities:

  • You must provide us with the necessary access credentials to your WordPress website.
  • You are responsible for backing up your website’s data before we begin the malware removal process.
  • You must cooperate in providing any information or assistance required for the removal and restoration process.

Payment and Refunds:

  • 100% Payment for the service is needed as upfront
  • In the event that we are unable to successfully remove malware from your website, a full refund will be issued.
  • Once the service is completed and your website is confirmed malware-free, no refunds will be provided.

Server Side Security:

  • We do not bear the responsibility of server-side security configuration and tecnical aspect

* we’ll contact you via email to obtain all necessary login credentials after successful payment *