What does a website needs for business?

5 Must have features for your website

Looking for an absolute guidance to choose the righteous designer to build your website? then you must take 5 minutes to read through the following fundamental features which a website should includes.Regardless any type of website you’re planning to build, there are some of the basic features must be there to cater the needs of modern technology.


  • Responsive : Responsive or Mobile friendly is the term to describe websites has the ability to resize accordance to the screen’s size, this feature is important if you want to provide a user-friendly environment to your visitors, especially to capture the market of mobile visitors.
  • CMS : also known as content management system, we often see this feature listed on the web design service quotation but what is it? CMS is a platform which allow end user to do content updates | new updates | design work without needing much knowledge of I.T skill.
  • SEO : Stands for search engine optimization, simply means the ranking or position listen on google search result based on the specific keyword typed. Some web developers included SEO too in their service, and some don’t. However it doesn’t matter, what more important is you should always ask is SEO software included along the design service.
  • Contact Form : a way of communication must always be provided somewhere on your website to allow potential customers to reach you for enquiry. What’s the point of having a website if the site couldn’t bring you customers?
  • Page Builder : Remember this rock-like solid fact, you cannot rely on a web designer or web developer to do 24-hours monitoring over your website, is it always good if there’s a page builder integrated behind a site so you could do site updates and even minor design on your own.


Advance websites may require different or more features than mentioned above, however,All features mentioned above are 5 fundamental core features every site should has, before you hire any web designer to build a website always consult and ask whether those basic features included along the service.





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