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How a website able to helps in business

Many business entrepreneurs often struggle and thinking whether should invest in a website to boost up a little sales through internet, real question is how? you probably have heard of people made profit money through internet or websites and you even tried but you failed miserably, then you gave up on the internet getting rich myth and your websites.

First of all, you must know the concept of your own business, and transfer the physical concept of it to your website by using practical features to it, example a dental service website probably needs some sort of appointment booking feature, and an online fashion store may needs a online purchase system.


Successful Examples of our clients

Among our clients, there’s are some doing very successful in their business with the use of website only. Example there’s one of our existing clients, she provides traditional massage services within Singapore area, she doesn’t own any physical store, with the website we designed and some other online marketing alternatives we proposed for her business she has about 35 ~ 50 visitors everyday, and approximate with total of 6000 ~ 8000 websites view in total without investing in any google ads.



How website helps in business, especially traditional businesses?

There are many type of business and there’s one fix type of web design suitable for all business industries. Beside having a website with relevant features, you should always actively build online foundation for your business on internet such as google business, facebook, instagram, and some other platform which related to the business field you’re doing. The simple strategy proposed is to drive audiences from different media sources and increase accumulative market potential to your website.



All people servicing business like property, insurance, hair salon, freelance, any service provider business should have a website. why?

tired of massively distributing leaflets and brochure, then not a single customer response in the end of the day? This is because people are always afraid of something they do not familiar. For instance if you’re working in insurance line, never expect your potential client to know everything about you in within a 10 minutes or even lesser approach, you should see yourself as a product and promote everything about your achievement in insurance line, story and background of your career on a website. This website is a long term investment and will continue speaks for your professionalism on internet for those who randomly find you online or maybe from your existing clients, this is a huge advantage and plus point to your career.



How should I start?

there are many free web building platforms available on the market right now, you can try wix or hire web designer to build a decent website for your business, tell them precisely what feature you require and remember to mention the following basic features:



Understand NEST’s design service, free consultation service

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