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Proposed & Designed a eCommerce website for Coway Water Purifier Authorised Reseller. 

With a distinguished personal website, she can reach to massive prospects online without travel hassles or setting up booths. Coupled with digital ads, she can easily blasts out necessary information to her prospects.

Her business income have folded by at least two times. Most of them are directly contributed from eCommerce

Products is the key to eCommerce websites

  • All products are listed dynamically with WooCommerce
  • Minimalism theme white background – to shift the focus of visitors to products itself
  • Carefully drew grids and borders between items to make sure the pageview is responsive in all screen sizes

Visitors simply want to know about the products – So we tell them what they want to know. Nothing much about company background, little about feedbacks, most on the products arrangement & presentation.

All products are listed dynamically & systematically – Uniform image sizes & Optimised images sizes across the websites 

Client prefer to engage with buyers personally. Therefore checkout & payment gateway is not required.

Client require seamless engagement with interested buyers

  • Added WhatsApp Chat
  • Contact forms in all necessary pages

Products features are the key essences to this particular eCommerce websites – to be informative for buyers, to be intuitive enough for visitors, to be more outstanding among other competitors.

Our design therefore emphasise on graphical materials & important technical features of each models. The website focus on listing out the features & prices of the package in a most easily comprehensible way.

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Specialized in rescuing ugly websites

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