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Website has been an important role in business especially in the era of digital technology. NEST offering the best affordable website Design Kuala Lumpur, this post will explain the features given along our web design service and how are those features help in modern business. Regardless any business type you’re doing, a website should always able to perform the following capabilities in order to meet up the minimum requirement of modern businesses. they are such :


Feature included in our web design service



Modernized Responsive Design

we offer the best sincerity in all of our crafts, we build responsive websites to cater mobiles and tablets need. Web structure would automatically transformed to fit the device’s screen size for best reading convenience.

Live Chat System

Important feature which allows one potential customer of your business able to contact you instantly or leave a message for enquiry purposely. This feature has replaced the old fashion phone-dialing way.

SEO software

a SEO software will be provided to target customers with specific keywords. The SEO software we integrate is user convenient without advance I.T skill required where you could do online marketing on your own.


Social Profile/Sharing

This feature helps to increase a site’s exposure to the market, users able to share your site by clicking “sharing” feature we built in your site.


a powerful self-edit platform where you could do site management and editing work on your own. it’s a drag and drop concept easy to use feature.

Secure and robust hosting environment

24 hours server monitoring and secure hosting service



Clients Testimonial

feedback and clients testimonial for NEST and website they crafted. affordable website design service with all web features included, beautiful web design

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More Options

DIY Webstore

Business/eCommerce website

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  1. Hi, I would like to enquirer on the price for the website design for bags and wallet. Can add in video? Looking forward to your reply

    1. Hello, we’ve sent a quotation to your mailbox, for further inquiry please leave us a message anytime. thank you

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