NEST Logo 2020

The Fluid Box

Beautiful piece we designed for The Fluid Box.  By the way prototype and kasi tengok tengok for fun only, development still in progress.

ACT Technology Solutions

Proposed & Designed a ACT Technology Solutions ACT Technologies Solution undergo a thorough rebranding to enhance their online presence. They need a new website to highlight their corporate image & services available We take up the challenge and deliver what we promised. The theme focus on listing necessary information in a more readable manner. Cut […]

Yu Home Decor

Proposed & Designed a eCommerce website for Yu Home Decor Yu Home is specialised in curtains customisation along with wholesome catalogue of colours & patterns to choose from. He is looking to digitalise his operating, aiming to sell his products online, while allow customers to customise their selection View Live Website Products is the key […]


Proposed & Designed a eCommerce website for Coway Water Purifier Authorised Reseller.  With a distinguished personal website, she can reach to massive prospects online without travel hassles or setting up booths. Coupled with digital ads, she can easily blasts out necessary information to her prospects. Her business income have folded by at least two times. […]

Jai Lien Cleaning

Jai Lien cleaning service

Beautifully designed by NEST with cleaning detergents, bubbles and wines LIVE DEMO

Pinit Water Flosser

pinit water flosser

Beautifully designed by NEST with high water pressure and lithium battery LIVE DEMO

Chris Leong Edu

Beautifully designed for Chris Leong, in partnership with Gooline. LIVE DEMO